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Pots 2 Paint

Today some of our key stage 2 children went over to Viables craft centre and participated in a ceramic painting session. The children learnt about the temperature at which ceramic is baked at and the importance of glazing it. For example an unglazed mug would allow the tea to drip through because it would still be porous (another new term we learnt today). 

The children could then choose to decorate a bowl, mug or plate and Steph explained to us a new technique we would be learning today - sgraffito. Sgraffito is a roman term and means to create decoration by scratching through layers.

First of all everyone had to paint their ceramics with 3 layers of paint and then carefully use a skewer to form their scratching designs. The results achieved were wonderful and we cannot wait to see the final results next Wednesday.

 Not only was this a wonderfully creative and relaxing learning experience. The children truly represented the school magnificently and showed many of our school values.  It was great to see how they were socially interacting with each other, complimenting each others work and displaying such politeness. 

We were also extremely lucky to be joined on the trip by our Art Governor Mrs Worgan, who is very kindly picking up our finished pieces next week- Thank you!!