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Sea City Museum trip - Year 2

Sea City Museum Trip


The year 2s had an exciting trip to the Sea City Museum in Southampton. This was to help launch our Iceberg Ahead topic, which is all about the Titanic, why people wanted to travel on her and what happened over those fateful days. 

Our days was made up of three sections:

  1. We got to hear some exciting facts as we were guided around the museum where we learnt all about life on board the Titanic.
  2. We had a workshop where we took part in various activities. These included looking at artefacts, guessing different smells from the Titanic, discovering how the compartments flooded in the Titanic and trying to decide who should be on the lifeboats.
  3. We were also able to explore the museum in our groups, where we had a go at steering the ship, saw a 2nd class cabin, looked through and tried on some items of clothing that people may have worn at the time, stood in front of the 1st class grand staircase and learnt about Morse code. We even got to sit in a real jury room where the Titanic enquiry took place. 


We had a brilliant trip out and look forward to using all we learnt throughout the day during our further learning this half term.