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Stone Farm - final morning!

Wow! What an adventure we have had! Last night was SOOOOO much fun with the games evening. The hay maze was a hit and the adults couldn't resist having a race through. We played table football, ping pong and enjoying spending time as Applestone and Farmhouse.


This morning, we woke nice and early to pack our bags and make sure our dorm rooms were ship shape before loading them onto the coach. Miss Hanafin and Miss Grove could barely believe their eyes (or ears!) as the whole process was quick, smooth, easy and quiet. Possibly our quickest 'get packed' morning ever! We showed our Great Binfields value of cooperation in helping to make sure we all packed our own things into our cases and didn't leave anything behind (hopefully)! Today was pancakes for breakfast! Delicious, we couldn't decide between golden syrup or lemon and sugar being our favourite topping. 


We are getting ready to wave goodbye to the farm animals this morning with sadness but with huge smiles! The sun is shining for us again, just as it did when we arrived. We are all so happy to have had such an amazing time getting to know them all. On our way home, we are planning to stop at the beautiful Lydford where we will walk down a steep hill amongst lush, green forest. At the bottom we hope to discover a magical waterfall and loved listening to the sounds and watching it splash at the bottom. 


The whole Year 4 team are incredibly proud of our Y4 children. Residentials always feel a little nerve-wracking, particularly this year after the last 2 years of spending more time at home with families than ever. But wow, these children have been absolute super stars. They have been kind, respectful, supportive, engaged, polite, enthusiastic, cooperative and so much more. Everyone has tried new things, whether that is a new dinner meal, rock pooling, holding an animal or even just sharing a room with friends, and everyone has been bold, brave and brilliant. We know that the children have enjoyed building on their existing relationships with friends but also building budding new friendships that will carry on once we return home. The adults have also really enjoyed getting to know a new side of the children, enjoying dinner time discussions and coach time conversations. It has been a real pleasure to go away on with our Y4s and we hope their adults at home are incredibly proud - a real credit to you all!


As ever, we are very grateful to the whole team at Stone Farm for providing us with such a brilliant week. The food, the farm duties and all the organisation has been fab. Equally, we are super grateful to the staff team (Miss Heath, Mrs Tomkins, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Clarke, Mr Wood and Mrs Fox) who have left their families for the week too so that they can join us here at the farm. How lucky we are at Great Binfields to have such a positive, fun-loving team to come away with us. I think they may be sleeping this whole bank holiday weekend now though! And of course, we are very grateful to Miss Lyddon who, even though she had to stay back at school, has ensured everything is organised and sorted for us to enjoy. 


Now for the BIG coach journey home. Perhaps there will be some snoozing along the way ....