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Stubbington Day 3

We have had yet another brilliant day here at Stubbington. After breakfast we went straight to collect our 'Mammal Hotels' so see if we had any guests. Unfortunately we did not receive any visitors at our 'Mammal Hotels' last night, however we will be trying again tomorrow. We learnt some facts about foxes and then played Stubbington Fox. We had to be stealthy foxes and find clues around the conservation site, then we had to hide from Farmer Collins and Farmer Woods. If we were caught we were stamped with a skull and lost points. 

Once we had lunch our next activity was EARTHQUAKE! This meant we had to have all the necessary equipment to help out during an earthquake and then in our teams we went the the EARTHQUAKE! obstacle course. Here we had to swing over lava, wade through the sewers and save our babies whilst holding on to our equipment! 

After a tasty dinner we played Stubbington murder! We had to solve a murder mystery by checking the alibis of all the suspects. Tonight we are planning on going to the hide to see if we can spot any local wildlife including badgers and foxes.