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Stubbington day 4 and 5

Day 4 at Stubbington involved lots of wet weather, sandy hands and Celtic chores. In the morning we trudged through puddles to the beach to explore the seashore. Although it was very wet and windy we had loads of fun looking for and collecting sea creatures, such as anemones, mussels and crabs. We then had a sand castle building competition. The sandcastles were superb and you could tell that the children had really thought about their designs. During the afternoon, we had the opportunity to go into the Roundhouse. In there, we were taken back in time to the Celtic era and found out about the past times of Celts. We dressed up in traditional clothes, were given Celt names and painted our faces to ready ourselves for battle! Once we came back from battle, we had a few chores to do, including: bracelet making, creating pots out of clay and deciphering a sentence that was written in the Celtic alphabet.

After our Celtic adventures, we had another chance to put our 'Mammal Hotels' out into the conservation area to see if we would have any little visitors. Then we practiced our house songs for one last time and enjoyed our final dinner before heading off to the S Factor! All of the houses sang fantastic songs with lots of enthusiasm and effort. The winning house was Foxes who won with a song they had come up with themselves!


Day 5 in Stubbington was our last. Once we stuffed our faces with a final Stubby breakfast  we headed off to go and collect our 'Mammal Hotels'. 7 out of 15 doors were shut and we thought we were in luck! We were so excited to see that the first hotel we opened had a little mouse inside that Sam J and Rhys decided to name Mrs Furball. She was so small -  her body measured 50mm and her tail 60mm! We then opened the other hotels only to discover a snail and 2 slugs munching on the food we had left to entice small mammals. When we got back to our dorms, we packed our bags with our damp and smelly clothes and went for our final lunch.

We had such an amazing time at Stubbington and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The children challenged themselves further and really worked as a team to succeed in the activities! They definitely deserve a good rest this weekend!