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The Romans Are Coming!

Year 4 was a very fierce place to be today .... we had Celtic warriors and people of Rome enjoying a range of activities learning more about our History topic.


Our morning consisted of a rotation. At station 1, we created our own Roman inspired shields. We looked at the colours and patterns and worked hard on our design. At station 2, we learnt all about  aqueducts - a real legacy of the Romans. Miss Grove tasked us with a team work challenge to make our own. Did yours work Y4? At station 3, we learnt more about Roman roads (close to home really) and the structures developed by the Romans. We used some sweet treats to help us demonstrate the layers. We also used some natural items to dye fabric, just as the Celts in Brittania would have. It was a little smelly with the cabbage but certainly good fun.


We then had a go at 'Roman snack or send it back'. We had to decide which foods we thought the Romans would have eaten and WOW were some of them surprising!! We finished the day creating our Celtic knot inspired art based on our very own initials. The responses were just beautiful.


It was such a wonderful day seeing everyone dressed up and enjoying a highlight of this topic. The children were so thoughtful and enthusiastic within their learning today and all of the adults commented on how sensibly they conducted themselves to make the most of the activities. 


Here are some quotes when the children reflected on the day - 


"It was a really fun day and we did lots of exciting activities. My favourite was probably making the shields." Jessie 

"Today was a thrill of excitement when we saw everyone come in dressed in Roman and Celts outfits. My favourite activities was doing the roads, learning about how they made them and what they used." Francesca

"I found the day fun, especially making the shields. I liked being in costume." Isaac


Have a look at the photos to see what we got up to.