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The start of Year 2 Outdoor Week

Yesterday Year 2 began their Outdoor Week. During this week Year 2 complete a variety of activities outdoors in order to build life skills such as cooperation, dealing with, and resolving challenges and being resilient. Sycamore class worked in the woods yesterday building places for a chosen toy to live in. They had to think carefully about how they created human and physical features within their environment. Two groups even joined forces to create 'Nightlight City' where street lighting made from pine cones ensured all the toys were safe in the town at night! Other groups had ramps for fire trucks to get out, building their house by a river so people had access to water. Whilst Sycamore were in the woods Willow Class walked to the Scout Hut to have a fun-filled day cooking on a fire and climbing up the climbing wall. Whilst it was challenging most children persevered and were very proud of themselves when they were able to ring the bell at the top!


Keep an eye out for what else will be happening this week. We will be outdoors, whatever the weather!