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VIP club play Goal Ball

At Friday VIP club, we were lucky to have a visit from Adam Knoll, a member of the GB Goalball Paralympic team!

We had each invited 2 members of our class along to join us in VIP club.

The afternoon started with a short talk by Adam, telling us a little bit about Goalball and how it is played, as well as a little bit about his background in the sport. Adam is very busy with his sport, he has just returned from the Europeans in Rome. 

Goalball involves 3 players on each team.  All the players are blindfolded to make it fair for everyone, as some of the players may have more sight than others. The whole Goalball game lasts 24 minutes, 12 minutes each half.

The ball is thrown along the floor, and can be heard by the other players, as it has bells inside. The defenders lie stretched out along the floor, as you can see in our photographs. We scored a goal if the ball passed the defenders and hit the wall!

We started with some fun skills, getting to know how to handle the ball; we played games passing the ball over and under our legs, and tried out skills like passing the ball behind us and doing a figure of eight around our legs.

Then we were on to the real game! It was great fun! Bobby-Jack , showed us just how it was done! He plays in Adam's Goalball team and loves the sport! Who knows what the future holds!

We now have a new sport that we can add to our selection for Multisports/Multiskills club on Wednesdays, and will definitely be practising our skills in VIP club sessions too.

Goalball can be enjoyed by everybody, Visually Impaired children and fully sighted children alike.

Thank you Adam for teaching us new skills and a brand new game!