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Virtual Spring Concert

We are so proud to present our first ever Great Binfields Virtual Spring Concert.

In January, Mrs Irons set our instrumentalists a musical challenge to complete whilst learning from home. Each of the children in the following 2 videos chose a piece to practise, play and record. 

As well as being a chance to celebrate the hard work of our instrumentalists, it is also a chance for the children to see what instruments are available to learn at Great Binfields. Please find a quiet moment ) to share both videos with your family - it may spur more children in our school community to want to play a musical instrument themselves. 

The videos are available to watch on the school website from these links:

Years 5 and 6 Spring Concert

Years 1-4

Enjoy everyone and a massive round of applause for the children who contributed. You have all done so well and will all improve further as you are practicing so well.