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As promised, here are some of the Binfields Blogs which were typed up today by our Binfields Blog reporters. They worked really hard to use a variety of features, including:

--Alliterative headlines

-An opening and closing statement

-Quotations from eye-witnesses

-Statistics/number facts


Inquisitive Iron Fragments


Before long, the event of the Iron Man landing reached the ears of the reporters of Binfields blog. It is to be believed that fragments (77 % iron) landed without warning on Great Binfields Primary School in Basingstoke. This happened on Tuesday 3rd of May 2022 and the shocked year 3and many others are still trying courageously to figure out this Iron Man mystery. Unfortunately there are no eye witnesses actually seeing the Iron Man land.


The impact is huge ,local residents are complaining that they heard bangs an crashes .Sadly eye witnesses suggest that the mythical creature is wandering around .In other words gone wild. Hawthorn class teacher (Mrs H) reports that she heard suspicious noises whilst reading a book to the class. “But it probably was nothing “she remarked. The flabbergasted teachers are checking the CCTV for more evidence on this creature tormenting Hampshire .As the days go by people’s anxiety levels are rising PLEASE DON’T PANIC!


Detective Hollywood is on the case at this scary moment. He is setting cameras around Chineham and even some in Basingstoke. In search of the Iron Man people are not sleeping, it can wait until tomorrow. A woman age 84, commented “I don’t dare leave my home every night I don’t want to go to sleep." If any more sightings please call: 1010 222 3336.


Reporter Lara C


Mysterious man fragments found!

On Tuesday 3rd May 2022, Great Binfields Primary Year 3 were shocked all day. They were reading the Iron Man book when, in the blink of an eye, Mrs Browne rushed into the frantic classroom. Mrs Browne reported, “Come quickly, the Iron Man has landed in our playground!” (Mrs Browne is a Year 3 class helper).


50% of year 3 are still shocked today! Locals reported, “In the night I heard clanking. I looked outside and I saw it - the Mythical Iron Man!” Reporters looked into the mysterious metal fragments. 1% of it was Bronze, 49% of it was chrome, 25% of it was Steel and 25% of it was Iron.


Unfortunately, this left locals frightened - some don’t even want to go outside! Have you found any fragments? Year 3 are looking for clues and found footprints.

(Year 3 teacher) Mrs Holdsworth reported, “Year 3 are excited to find more clues.” Have you seen it? Nearby schools have reported fragments found. Parents are shocked from the news. Some don’t even want their kids to go to school! If you find any evidence call 0800 223 938.


Reported by Aleksander W


Binfields Blog   By Leon C


Indestructible Iron Man Attacks School


On Tuesday 3rd March 2022, Year 3 were writing the L.O when Mrs Zamin came knocking on the door “Let me in!” she said. Behind her were some pieces of metal in the court yard.


During English at 11am Mrs Zamin came rushing in shouting “  OH MY GOODNESS, I WAS MAKING A COFFE WHEN I FOUND LOADS OF METAL PICES ON THE FLOOR!” Great Binfileds Year 3 children ran outside like a cheetah.


If our discoveries are correct, we found 53 or 54 pieces of metal and 99.99% of year 3 think Iron Man was the intruder. If you find mysterious metal scraps in your garden please call 01256 0800 999 111 for more information.



Binfields Blog


On Tuesday 3rd May 2022, Year 3 were having a calm English lesson when Mrs Zamin (Hazel class’ LSA) banged on the door and reported “There are lots of metal pieces scattered all over the playground!” She couldn’t get over the thought of the Iron Man.


Year 3 investigated Mrs Zamin’s report and there were exactly 54 metal pieces scattered all over Great Binfields Primary Schools main playground. Year 3 still don’t know exactly who it was but year 3 estimate it was the Iron Man. While Year 3 were investigating, they found more clues to crack this case.


We reviewed Mr Ellis (Site Assistant) and he said, “I heard some noises like clunking and crashing on the 2nd May 2022 at night.” On 3rd May, however, Mrs Lee (admin assistant) replied, “I smelt car oil - you know the oil you put in cars.”