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Y4 The Celts and Romans

This week has been a busy one for Y4, celebrating two of our final topic highlights.


On Monday, the Celts and the Romans arrived (in their costumes) to the school gate. All other year groups enjoyed seeing all the dressed up year 4s looking very excited for their day. In the morning, the children rotated around three activities. First up, dying fabric in the style of the Ancient Celts of Brittania. The children knew the Celts probably used natural materials to dye their fabrics with, but they didn't expect to be using onions, cabbage and spinach. The results were very impressive (but a little smelly!). The second activity was building our own aqueducts. The Ancient Romans are remembered for their innovative style when it comes to many aspects of culture, including architecture. The aqueducts perfectly represent this with their clever design. The children had to use their team work skills and D&T skills to build something effective. The final activity was exploring the structure of Roman roads. They were made up of many layers and what better things to use to showcase this than ... BISCUITS! The rest of the day consisted of designing Roman shields and using our 3D drawing skills to create Celtic knots.


Now onto Tuesday. It was Treehouse Theatre day!! We love when Ben visits school and we know our Binfields community have fond memories of these theatre days. The children were allocated roles and groups to create 4 parts of the play 'The Romans are Coming'. They had to remember when to come onto stage, when to complete their part and in some cases, when to say their line. As ever, the children were in awe of Ben and his talents and we were blown away by the performance. Whilst not working with Ben, the children had a free-flow day around a range of stations including Celts and Romans reading, mosaic creating, roman numeral exploring, Ancient Roman god and goddess reading (link to the Greeks here) and hillfort building. They also got to cut, stick and stitch their Roman shield design. This definitely required a Growth Mindset but wow ... they turned out brilliantly. 


Well done Year 4 for always being up for some fun and learning something new. We love your enthusiasm! Have a look at these photos to see all the fun from the last few days.