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Year 3 Night at the Museum Hawthorn Class

Your children have been amazing Hawthorn Class Parents. They have been an absolute joy - it has been incredible how much they have taken in today. We first went to The Weald and Downland Museum where they learned about how the houses were made and how folk survived in the past. The workshop was very interesting and the children got to mill flour, saw a guy start a fire using flint stones and learned about wattle and daub.

Next on to Chichester where the children went to the cathedral just before evening song. By this time the kids were hungry again so we took them to McDonalds for tea where they each ordered their own Happy Meal and drink. At just after half 6 we made our way to The Novium Museum where the exciting evening activities took place. Torch lit treasure hunt, junk modelling and a crafty activity before settling down to bed for a story.

The kids were shattered and I'm here now listening to the snores of the kids and Mr Wood!!! I've just realised that I forgot to ask Miss Lyddon for her camera card so you have only got my snaps to enjoy but I will upload hers to tomorrow as soon as I can.

We will let you know when we are back in school. Hope the updates have been useful and reassuring for you all.