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Year 4 Ancient Greek Day

What a brilliant day in Year 4! It all started with admiring all of the wonderful outfits - well done and thank you everyone for your effort. We then got into character and creating some Medusa gorgon inspired masks using collage skills. Each one was different and everyone could explain their design.

After a chilly break time in our outfits (Sandals were not made for a cold November day!), we then heard the news that Zeus was retiring as King of the Gods. We each designed our own new God or Goddess that we think could rule the Gods based on what we have learnt about them so far. Many were quite powerful, bad tempered and scary characters. Others were kind natured with interesting powers. Whilst this was going on, the children were called into the kitchen to start cooking. They contributed to the making of Lamb kebabs, flatbreads, tzatziki and a Greek salad. There was chopping of onions, sprinklings of mint and grating of cucumber happening in the  kitchen and the smell filled the corridor of the entire school.


After lunch, we were then given a role within Greek society. Some of us were Greek women, some were scholars, warriors, slaves or Olympians. We read a range of information about our group and then had to convince everyone in the class why we were the most integral, key part of Greek society. This really tested our skills of justification.


Finally, we finished the day with enjoying a plate of the delicious food that Year 4 prepared. Miss Rogers even popped down to have a taste - she had a big smile on her face as she left with her plate. Everyone was really bold when it came to trying something new and we were again really impressed with how polite and sensible everyone was. Perhaps you will try cooking some of this food for your family at home?


We had a brilliant day and loved every minute. Enjoy looking at the pictures.