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Year 4 - Lights, CAMERA, Action!

This morning, Year 4 had a rather exciting visitor come down to share some knowledge with us - our very own Ms Rogers! She gave a wonderful talk all about the history of cameras, all the way from a camera obscura to our modern day digital cameras. We learnt how photography was not always instant and often meant a lengthy wait between film being developed. We also learnt that the actual capturing of an image was not always instant and that many years ago, people had to sit for an awfully long time - leading to some rather grumpy looking expressions. Ms Rogers shared her experiences and interesting videos with us, but bringing it all to life was the actual cameras she brought down with her. We got a hands on understanding of the history and development of cameras and the children were fascinated by what they saw. 


Ms Rogers has a real passion for photography and it was really lovely for the children to hear how enthusiastic she is about this subject. She spoke about a recent course she had been on to further her skills, proving that learning really is a life long experience. Ms Rogers also shared with us how she uses photography to capture special memories and moments she does not want to forget. The children were amazed by some of the photos in her albums. I wonder what interests the children have now that may turn into life long passions?


This afternoon, the children in Year 4 then got a chance to sketch some of the cameras they had seen, through their own lenses. What a fab addition to our topic!