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Year 4 Temptation Visit

Year Four has been exploring the concept of 'Temptation' in RE this half term. They have been thinking about what temptation means, what they have experienced of temptation, how the bible depicts temptation and much more. To round this learning off, the children wrote questions that they would like to ask someone of faith about their experiences of temptation. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Copping (a local vicar) and Mrs Lowe (an integral part of Christ Church and well established visitor to our school) come in to discuss their experiences and even be brave enough to answer the children's questions. 


The children didn't hold back and really delved deep with their questions. Some included:

-Why did the devil keep tempting Jesus and why did Jesus keep saying no?

-Have you ever been tempted?

-What do you do to resist temptation?

-Have you ever helped someone else who was being tempted?

-If you were Adam, would you have listened to Eve?

-Is temptation always bad? And is there always a consequence?


As you can see from the children's faces, they were highly engaged and so interested in what our visitors had to say. Mrs Copping and Mrs Lowe used brilliant, relatable examples to guide the discussion and also shared quite personal insights into their faith and experiences. We are incredibly grateful to them for giving up their time. We are also very proud of how enthusiastic yet respectful the children were.