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Year 5 Canopic Jars

The year 5 children have been working so hard to design, make and paint clay Canopic Jars which are fit to be displayed in any museum. Before designing their jars, they looked at lots of examples to get an idea of the shapes, colours and designs the Ancient Egyptians used. When the Canopic Jars were finished, we set up an art gallery in the classrooms so that the children could evaluate their own work and other children’s work.


Did you know that in Ancient Egyptian times, each canopic jar guarded a different organ?

1. Imsety had a human head, protected the liver.

2. Qebehsenuf had the head of a falcon and guarded the intestines

3. Hapy had a baboon head protected the lungs.

4. Duamatef had the head of a jackal, and guarded the stomach

The four canopic jars were put into a special chest which went into the tomb with the mummy.


Take a look at the photos of our artists in action…