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A memorable Science session!

Yesterday Year Four had a great afternoon up on the field exploring ... our digestive system! We used some every day items such as a sandwich bag to represent the stomach, a single tight to represent the small intestine, orange juice to represent stomach acid, water to represent saliva, crackers and bananas to represent food and a bowl to represent the body. We explored how our digestion begins with teeth grinding up the food and then slowly moving down where our muscles begin to further break it down as our body soaks up the nutrients and minerals from our food. 


Can you remember the answers to these questions...

-How long does it take for food to travel down the oesophagus into the stomach?

-How long does it take for food to travel to the small intestine?

-How long is the small intestine?

-How long is the large intestine


This is definitely a Science session we will remember, lots of 'ooooooh's and lots of 'yuck's from our Year Fours yesterday.