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Active Kids Taster Session for Early Years

This morning all the children in Early Years attended  Active Kids, a sports taster session, ran by Premier Sports. Coach Nicky started the session off with a fun warm up, she called out an animal and the children had to move around in that style. They then moved onto a pirate ship activity, which linked very well with our current topic. Everyone had to listen carefully to the instructions the Captain gave. These included Captain's coming (saluting the captain), scrubbing the decks, climbing the rigging, walking the plank (jumping) and lifeboat (getting into groups of the three and pretending to row). The children listened very carefully to the instructions and this activity certainly got their hearts beating faster!

The session ended with a game of Buckeroo. Everyone was put into teams and one member from the group was chosen to be the donkey. Taking it in turns the rest of the group had to balance PE equipment on them, such as; cones, sports vests, balls etc. On the first go the 'donkey' had to stand up, which made it more challenging to balance the objects and then on the second go they could lay down, which was much easier! A great time was had by all and the children left with red faces and beaming smiles. 

Premier Sports will be running similar sessions to this after school on Fridays (there is a monetary cost for this). The children have bought home a leaflet today, with  more information about this.