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Ash and Pine enjoy 'The Romans are Coming!' - A play in a day!

The Romans Are Coming!!!

Today Year 4 had Treehouse Theatre come in to teach us more about the Celts and Romans through drama. We split into groups to show different times in the history of the Roman Empire. Each group practised their parts and learnt their lines and then this afternoon we all came together to perform the play. Once we got into our costumes and had our props, we began our play with where the Romans first tried to invade Britannia. Travelling through time, we met different emperors, had many battles between Celts and Romans, came across Boudicca and built Hadrian’s Wall! We all had an amazing time and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. It was lovely to see the children take on their parts so well and learn more about the Roman Empire. We hope you enjoy looking through the photos!