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Avon Tyrrell - Day 2

Tremendous Tuesday 

The children settled really well last night and slept brilliantly after enjoying an exciting night walk yesterday evening. They have all been incredibly respectful of one another and very understanding of how important sleep is to ensure that everyone is feeling their very best.


To launch day two, the children energised themselves with a hearty full English breakfast – the adults were particularly impressed with this breakfast too! We then enjoyed a jam-packed day full of activities, including: abseiling, low ropes, mountain biking and orienteering. All of the adults have been blown away by the sheer grit, determination and courage that the children have displayed throughout the day. Some children even confronted their fears and despite feeling nervous, truly gave their all to each activity. We have honestly been so impressed with all of the children and can see the Great Binfields values shining through in their attitudes and behaviours – even in the soggy rain. Cooperation, resilience, creativity in their problem solving and aspiration to succeed have been in abundance over the past few days. It has been so wonderful to see the children working together so beautifully. The respect and kindness the children have shown each other reflect the same values being taught at school during our Anti-bullying week. We will continue to ensure these messages are being encouraged throughout the week.


This evening, the children have a campfire in store before settling ahead of bedtime.

Here are some reviews of the day:

“Day 2 has been full of excitement and children facing their fears. I really liked the abseiling even though I was very nervous. I had a great time and managed to get down really quickly with a little bit of slipping along the way. For lunch, we enjoyed BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos – they were sooo crunchy.” Pippa

“I enjoyed finding lots of creatures in the minibeast activity today. We found a series of creatures including: lizards, frogs and harvestmans”. Kemron

“I liked the abseiling – everyone tried their best supporting each other along the way.” Ainee

“I loved the egg drop game! Even though we lost against the other team, it was great! The girls’ egg was fantastic and I can definitely see why they won!” Max

"I definitely faced activities which I found tricky today. I have learnt that as long as you give things a try, if you don't like it, you don't have to do it. But if you do like it, you're in for an awesome time". Amelia G

"The mountain biking was awesome! We didn't just do one thing, there was something for everyone! I also liked the low ropes because we were using brains quite a lot and we were also thinking about what to do" Isaac. 


Take a look at a selection of our photos from the day's events...