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Children's Fair - a huge success!!

I am do not normally get nervous about new things generally but the children have been talking about 'The Children's Fair' for months - basically saying it has always been the best thing since sliced bread!!!

'So no pressure there then Miss Rogers - it has to be at least as good as before and it must have a Terror Tomb!' said one teacher with a huge smile on their face!!! So yes, I had a few nerves running up to it last week...but actually I didn't need to as the children did a marvellous job of running it all themselves.

 - I firstly must thank the Children's Fair Committee - the 5 core members who made up the Leadership team did a grand job of sharing information, making decisions and relaying this to the stall holders. They were also brilliant with helping to set up and tidying away afterwards too! 

 - Next the stall holders - you were very eager, well prepared and you ensured that you were polite and courteous when children came to your stalls. Thank you. I particularly loved to see you cooperate so well with others and the originality of your poster campaigns were fab!

 - Next the Fair Goers - thank you so much for bringing in your pocket money to spend at the fair. You have helped to raise funds for playtime and lunchtime equipment. These will be ordered this week so hopefully, your new equipment will arrive in time for the first week back. I was also really pleased with the number of children who came to say thank you for allowing it to happen. Your politeness made me smile.

- Thank you also to the parents who helped the children organise their stalls, provide equipment, hunt for old books and toys to donate and bake cakes (sorry once again for the misunderstanding regarding numbers - I can not believe the children came home asking for the numbers they did!!!)

- Finally thank you to our Support staff and Teachers who helped with fine details and ensured that all of the children had good fun! It was lovely to see so many of them all joining in with the children - that is so important to me!!

On Monday, our Children's Fair committee will work out how much profit they have made once they take off the expenditure... I am pleased to say though...I am positive they have made a tidy profit. News of this will be shared asap. Well done everyone -it was a great success!!!