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Christingle Service

This morning we met together as a whole school (virtually) like we do every Friday morning but it was extra special today as we had our Christingle Service. 

Each class had a representative who made their class Christingle whilst I was making one for our whole school. The children listened intently as I explained why this service goes ahead each year but to be honest we wouldn't expect anything less from our children, as they are always so respectful and committed to listening and responding appropriately in occasions such as these. 

I explained that in the past, on Christmas Eve, Christians passed lighted candles around to children, however now these candles have been replaced by the ‘Christingle’. The idea of a Christingle originally came from Bishop Johannes de Watteville way back in 1747, as a simple way to explain the happiness of knowing Jesus. The Children’s Society revived the idea and introduced it to Britain over 50 years ago now, as a way of shining a light on our vulnerable young people. It is now a popular, much-loved family event for Christians. Christingle means ‘Christ – Light’ and represents Jesus being ‘the light of the World’. Christingle celebrations can take many different forms from a large church service to a school assembly. We included songs and prayers too. Children in Years 2-6 passed around the lit Christingle whilst they listened to the calming songs - a little awe and wonder for them all as they shared a magical moment together. 

I am hoping our children will be able to explain to you all what each part of the Christingle  represents but in case our younger children get a little muddled..... the orange represents our world, the lighted candle - is for Jesus, the Light of the World, the red ribbon is the blood and love of Christ, and the dried fruit and sweets on 4 cocktail sticks are to represent the four seasons and the fruits of the Earth such as love, food, water, family, beautiful landscapes, etc - all God's gifts to everyone.

Our children had time to reflect for hope, wonder and peace as well as enjoy the excitement of the service. 

Some of our children may like to make a Christingle with you at home and here are the links to the special music we played alongside as we lit them.