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Final morning at Avon Tyrrell!

After all of the adventures of yesterday, the children slept soundly through the night - we even had to wake some of them up this morning as they were still fast asleep! They began the day by packing up all of their belongings and tidying their rooms ready for the next Avon Tyrrell guests. This morning the children were lucky enough to start the day with fresh pancakes and, needless to say, they filled themselves up ready to embrace their last activity of the week. 


With full tummies and eager minds, each group set off to complete their final activity and ended their trip on a high. The children have demonstrated some superb skills throughout the week and have really blown us away with the way that they celebrate not only their own accomplishments but also show genuine excitement and acknowledgement of the achievements of their peers too. It was so heart-warming to hear them cheering each other on; spontaneously erupting into applause as someone overcame a hurdle; and offering gentle and supportive words of encouragement and reassurance in order to motivate each other through a challenge. 


It goes without saying that the children have had a whale of a time this week. We have absolutely adored spending a few days out adventuring with our wonderful Maple Class and hope the children have returned to school with wonderful memories and very full hearts.


As a last note, we hope you enjoy spending your evening catching up on all of the laughs and moments from the week. I'm certain they'll sleep incredibly well tonight!


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