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Great Binfields
Primary School

Learning Together, Achieving Forever

GBPS Values

Aspire, Cooperation, Creativity, Honesty, Resilience and Respect. 


These six words are our Great Binfields values - the values that underpin everything we do here in school. This stems right the way from how we plan and organise our curriculum, how we communicate our learning, the play choices we make, the way we celebrate our differences and so much more.


We are so excited to have these wonderful new posters up and around school that showcase our values. Those of you that have looked carefully will also notice some other words in the leaves - these are taken from our new concepts that each year group will be working on throughout their topics. The concepts are an exciting new venture at Great Binfields, so keep your eyes peeled for more on this soon. We chose ones that link perfectly to our values to share on our tree, representing how we are all growing and learning together. We think the poster really has that 'Great Binfields feel', do you agree?


The children have been discussing their values and concepts in class and we have loved hearing them pointing out each other's creativity, resilience and respect as just a few examples. Perhaps you will have a discussion at home about what values you are demonstrating? Perhaps you will share with your adults at home what concepts you are exploring in your learning?