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GOAL BALL - Years 4 and 5 experience a new sport

Year 4 and 5 were very privileged to have Goal Ball UK come to visit the school and introduce the sport Goal Ball to them. The trainer explained the rules of the game and everyone was able to have a go. The school were excited to be introduced to Goal Ball as it is a game specifically designed for those with a vision impairment. It is a sport that all children can access equally. 


Some of our children wrote how they felt about the day:


Goalball is a fantastic fun game for all ages! It's family friendly and if you have a vision impairment this is the game for you!

Worried you can't play if fully sighted? - worry not! Everyone wears a blindfold. Goal ball is a game that takes place on the ground and is a sport which uses all of your senses particularly hearing and touch. It is a fully inclusive sport that everyone can access. 


An amazing member of Goalball UK, Stephen Newey, taught years 4 and 5 how to play. There are three players on a team, all blindfolded and the aim of the game is to score a goal. The goal takes up the whole of the opposing end. A ball with a bell in is used so that players can hear the ball moving. All players lay on the ground and can use their whole body to block the ball from entering the goal. 


Both year groups thought it was an incredible experience. Soon we are hoping there will be a Goal Ball team at Great Binfields that will get to play in tournaments. 


Some of the children were interviewed and here are their views;


"It was very fun and inclusive, I really enjoyed the day!" Lily Year 5

"I love how everyone can play at the same level, whether sighted or not. " Max

"It is a fun filled game that everyone can enjoy! " Pippa


All in all Goal Ball was a fun experience for everyone - We look forward to updating you on our future success in Goal Ball!