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Maple Class Visit Tesco

Despite the wet weather Maple Class had a wonderful afternoon at Tesco today. The children learnt all  about the different logos on food packaging and we had to spot these around the shop. We had to do a thumbs up if we saw the Fair Trade symbol and croak like a frog if we spotted the Rainforest logo, this was great fun. We visited the banana aisle; where we found out where bananas come from and what the different colours of bananas means. An interesting fact we discovered is that a bunch of bananas is known as a hand and a single one is called a finger. For most of us our favourite part was next, we got to taste chocolate! We had to close our eyes and see if we could tell the difference between milk chocolate and white chocolate. Everyone then headed to the fish counter, where we learnt the names of different fish and why it is important for us to eat a range of fish. Some of us were very brave and tasted some mackerel paste and we all opened a banana like a monkey. The trip ended with a story and we all luckily received a goodie bag to take home.  A great learning experience for all for us and we are going to look out for the logos when we next go shopping.