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New E-Safety Learning for the Whole School Community

Like in previous years, in addition to our on-going whole school e-safety learning, Spring 1 is where we have a sustained focus on e-safety. Yesterday, our children, staff and parents had new e-safety training which was led by Harrap IT. Harrap works closely with our school to ensure our school IT systems work effectively and safely.

Mr Andrew Woods used to teach Secondary IT and joined Harrap to assist with topics such as those discussed at the meeting. Everyone involved were made aware of how great using IT can be but we just need to be aware of the risks too. Lots of top tips were shared so that we can keep safe on line. I think everyone can safely say they learned lots of new things through the sessions.

Here are some of the key messages:

  • When you pop a photo on the web, you can not take it away.
  • Taking Selfies - can be damaging for self esteem... 10 likes are never enough!!!
  • We teach about stranger danger and road safety - we have a duty to teach our children about e-safety too.
  • Keep your passwords private
  • Cyber bullying - screenshot it and keep it as evidence.
  • There are some really good parental control apps which are free.
  • Are you 'sharenting' - are you having valuable conversations with your children about e-safety so they feel safe to come to you when things go wrong?
  • Growing up online is as normal as TV was to us!!
  • The internet was not designed for children however they are its biggest user!
  • Are bedrooms a safe place
  • Charging of phones to be down stairs
  • Keep phones downstairs
  • Just because they say they are the same age as you they probably are not

Any further information you require please do go onto our online safety page hwer there are lots of useful websites or ask a member of staff at school.