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Night at the Museum - Year 3 Hazel Class

What a wonderful day we have had... the children have really enjoyed their experience at The Weald and Downland Museum today and learned so, so much about the buildings and homes there. The kids were so fascinated by their stories and made many connections between past and present living and jobs. It was really interesting watching and listening to them trying to fathom out what the different objects were, for example a pottery hot water bottle, a chamber pot, a washing board and traditional pegs!! The children observed blacksmithing, milling, Tudor cooking, traditional baking in action and enjoyed exploring all of the houses inside and out. The various kitchen gardens were brilliant as well and the children saw onions, leeks, carrots, potatoes, rhubarb, raspberries, peas and beans of various varieties growing as well as many herbs too. Did you know that wild dog roses have medicinal purposes? Rose hips are high in vitamin c and were traditionally used to make syrups to boost levels plus it was thought it could cure dog bites hence the name!!! See us adults, learned many new things too today!! 

Many of the museum volunteers mentioned how inquisitive and well mannered our children were so this was so lovely to hear as you can imagine. Of course we have to mention the weather...  yes we managed to dodge most of the drizzly rain... I can honestly say the kids didn't even notice the weather because as soon as we entered a home/building it rained and then as we came out it stopped! We feel tremendously lucky considering it is an open air museum!

Next, McDonalds for tea... the children gobbled up their food as they had worked up an appetite and chatted amongst friends whilst reliving some of their memories of the day. All children ate well and again were a credit to our school. 

We are now at The Novium Museum and this is our base for the night… History torch lit trail complete, evening snack and drink had and now art activities and junk modelling in full swing. The kids are having a wail of a time and so are we! Mr Wood is very proud as his group won the junk modelling challenge. Later on this evening, the children will be getting their night time camp ready and having their bed time story.