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Our day at The Eden Project

WOW!!! What an amazing day. Our day started by exploring the outside of the Biodomes in the grounds of the Eden Project. We spotted some interesting sculptures amongst the plants, flowers and trees. There were even three cows on the roof! After lunch we had a workshop called 'Puzzling Plants'. Here, we were plant detectives finding the different plants in the Rainforest Biodome (The biggest one). It was great fun and VERY HOT! At the top of the Biodome, we found a wobbly bridge and a bridge with a cloud maker on it. It was great fun. We pretended that we were in the jungle. 


Back at Stone Farm, we had free time with the animals before tea.


Tonight we are having a falconry talk and display by one of Mr Hatton's friends. We will keep you updated with our adventures.


(I am having trouble up loading pictures tonight - will try again in the morning. Good night)