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Pirate Adventure

On Thursday 30th April Early Years was invaded by pirates!  We have been having clues left for us from Captain One Leg and today we even received a video message from him!  All the children were asked to complete six pirate tests in order to graduate and become fully fledge pirates.  Captain One Leg was very impressed with all of our pirates in training, and even invited them to become part of his crew on the Creaky Adventurer. 

The six tests were:

  • Finding treasure and coins in the sand pit.
  • Working out the secret code message that Captain One Leg had left for them.
  • Helping Captain One Leg to get his treasure across an obstacle course.
  • Making a pirate biscuit head.
  • Hunting for pictures that Captain One Leg had hidden in the woods
  • Making their own pet parrot.


At the end of the day all the pirates were treated to treasure left by Captain One Leg which was very yummy!  We celebrated their successful day with a pirate party and certificate presentation.