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Triumphant Tuesday at Avon Tyrrell!

The children slept fantastically during their first night at Avon Tyrrell! All of the children settled into bed brilliantly after sensibly watching a cosy film in their pyjamas. It may have been the awesome night walk around the camp site that helped them to drift off so quickly. We learnt about the history of the grounds that we are staying on and conducted a few light experiments, including ripping a sealed envelope open. Did you know that when our surroundings are completely pitch black, it causes a reaction that creates a spark of light?


Today the children took part in activities such as: canoeing, bush craft, mountain biking and high ropes. All of the adults have been blown away by the sheer grit, determination and courage that the children have displayed today. Some children have reached heights and personal achievements that they never thought were possible.


- “I have conquered my fear of heights today!” Dominik.

- “I liked doing the canoeing because it was really fun! Maisie had to be a little bossy as she kept trying to capsize our boat!” Chloe M.

- “This has been the best day of my life!” Lauren C.

- “At first, I was quite nervous about completing the zip wire because the tree was really wobbly and it was the first time I had ever done it. When I got to the top, I realised it was really fun and I started singing I believe I can fly!” Chloe H

- “I really enjoyed the mountain biking because the team at Avon Tyrrell were very inclusive of my needs and it meant that I had great time! We were flying around at full speed!" Loman S-S 


Miss Lyddon also joined us for the day and was very impressed with how the children have settled into their routines at our home away from home. We also had a birthday today – Happy Birthday Chloe. She is one lucky lady as her room mates were so kind and decorated the room beautifully to help celebrate her special day. We are having a slightly quieter evening this evening so that the children can enjoy some free time and digest the day's activities. 

Take a look at a selection of our photos from the day's events...