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World Maths Day Fun at GBP!

Yesterday, the children thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in the world of Mathematics to celebrate International World Maths Day 2023. There was a real buzz throughout the school as the children took part in a vast range of activities aiming to make Maths as fun and accessible as possible. Sometimes there can be a little bit of a stigma against Maths as it can be subject children find difficult. However, yesterday was all about celebrating Maths and recognising all of the different ways we use Maths in our everyday lives - ways we had never even considered before: – tessellating patterns, architecture, scientific experiments, baking, scoring games, fashion design and so much more!


Each class also received a Maths themed book to read and focus on throughout the day. These included ‘365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental’ which Year 4 loved and ‘How Many Jellybeans by Andrea Menotti’, which caused much excitement when Year 2 considered the prospect of eating 1000 jellybeans!


Lots of classes conducted Maths Scavenger hunts where they were encouraged to use their ‘Maths eyes’ to detect different Maths in our environment, including: finding examples of fractions, angles, symmetry and estimating how many Buttercup bunny hops it would take to get from one side of the school to the other! Art/Design Technology was another popular subject chosen to help the children identify how our Maths skills can be transferred in many unexpected ways. Year 3 thought carefully about their understanding of 3D shapes to create a junk model rocket which they then measured precisely and Year 5 enjoyed using Pringles to create their own Pringle Ringle – this sounded absolutely awesome too!


To top the day off, we also held a school-wide competition where we asked each class to list all of the different ways that they use Maths in their life. The winning class in each key stage will be announced in next week’s Achievement Assembly but all I can say is that the classes were certainly very competitive and managed to come up with lots of unique and creative ways that we used our Maths skills without even realising!


Well done to a fantastic day everyone – we hope you enjoyed immersing yourselves in all of the fun Maths activities. I wonder if you can continue to spot all of the different ways you and your family incorporate Maths at home!


Have a little look at the pictures to see what we got up to.