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Year 4 - Everest talk

As part of our new topic Extreme Earth, Year Four have been reading and watching diary entries about climbing Everest as well researching the mountain and area itself... all working toward writing our own diary entries as if we were mountain explorers ourselves. Today we were lucky enough to have Mr Clark come and visit us again to share his own incredible journey up Mt Everest. Mr Clark climbed the mountain as part of a Scout group and was able to share with us some amazing pictures, stories and information about his adventure. The children were amazed by the views he captured. It was fantastic to hear from someone who has actually completed this monumental challenge and everyone was excited to hear more. Not only this, the children also got the chance to see and hold some of the climbing equipment that was actually taken up the mountain. We are very grateful to Mr Clark for taking the time to share his experience with the children. 


Something that really shocked us was how long it takes to prepare for an expedition of this kind... 8 years of training it took in order to brave Everest. We think this is the perfect example of showing determination, resilience, passion and bravery - lots of our school values! We wonder what mountains Year Four are aiming to climb.....