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Year 4 food tasting

This morning Ash and Pine Class had the chance to try the delicious food they made yesterday for their Greek Day. They all tried flat breads, koftas and tzatziki. Everyone was really adventurous and gave it a go. Have a read of the feedback they gave:


"One of the best food ever!" 


"One of the best foods I have tried."


"The flatbread tasted like heaven."


"I was not expecting it to be this good."


"The Koftas were a bit weird at first but tasty by the end."


"When I tried it, I thought that the lamb koftas were going to be nicer but actually the tzatziki was nicer."


"The flatbread was the best bit."


"Flatbread has never tasted this good."


"I could tell a lot of effort went in."