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Year 4 Topic Launch

Yesterday Year Four launched their Greek topic. We had a busy day of learning a little bit about The Ancient Greeks – enough to get us asking lots of questions. We then made some Greek wreath crowns, learning about the different types of wreaths and who they would have been worn by. We also looked at the Greek alphabet and compared how the letter symbols have changed and how some of our English words are derived from Greek words – we will be doing more on this over the half term. In the afternoon, we looked at some Ancient Greek architecture. We focussed on the three different types of columns that were commonly used – can you remember the names? Throughout all of this, we did some Greek food tasting. We had Green Olives, Black Olives, Goats cheese, Feta cheese, pitta dipped in oil, honey and figs. We had to think about the flavours and the texture. It was a brilliant day and everyone is now very excited for the learning to follow as we develop our enquiry about The Ancient Greeks. We are also very excited for our Greek Day coming up where we will all be dressing up. I wonder what we will get up to then ….