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Year 5 and 6 Girls Tag Rugby tournament

Last week, a group of our Year 5 and 6 girls took part in their first ever Tag Rugby tournament. Here is a match report from Lily-Grace detailing more about the day:


“On Thursday 16th June, Francesca, Jessie, Lizzie, Anna, Lily-Grace, Esme, Charlie, Ellie, Amelia and Lilliana went to a Tag Rugby tournament at Oakley Junior School. At around 12:45pm, Mr Wood, Mrs Clarke and the girls who were representing GBP, got on the minibus from Great Binfields school and headed off to Oakley Junior School. We were all very excited on the minibus. It was one of our first ever tournaments! When we got there, there were lots of schools that had come to play as well. In total, there were 10 schools.


The tournament began and unfortunately we lost our first match however, spirits were kept high as we got a snack and some water in between games. In the tournament we lost two games, won one game and drew two games. Everyone played really well and enjoyed themselves. We got told by Mr Wood that we came third overall which is a really good achievement. The highlight from the tournament was playing altogether and the delicious snacks Ellie’s mum brought us. We had a really and exciting day out.”


A HUGE thank you to Mr Wood for helping the girls prepare for the tournament and giving them a wonderful experience of competing for their school.