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Year 5 Mummification

Today, the Year 5 children became embalmers at The Ancient Egyptian House Of Death by learning how to mummify a dead body (an action figure). Luckily they all had strong stomachs and could deal with a lot of blood and guts! Below are the set of instructions they followed. Take a look at our photos too - can you tell which step they are following in each picture?


1. Wash the outside of the body with palm wine

2. Carefully pull brain out of the nose using a hook

3. Make a clean cut on the left side of the body near the tummy

4. Remove all of the internal organs

5. Let the internal organs dry

6. Place the lungs, intestines, stomach and liver inside canopic jars

7. Place the heart back inside the body

8. Rinse the inside of body with wine and spices

9. Cover the corpse with natron (salt) for 70 days

10 After 40 days stuff the body with linen or sand to give it a more human shape

11. After the 70 days wrap the body from head to toe in bandages

12. Place in a sarcophagus (a type of box-like a coffin)