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Year 6 Bikeability

This week, Year 6 have absolutely loved taking part in their Road Safety proficiency sessions delivered by the Hampshire Bikeability team. Despite the freezing cold weather, it thankfully remained dry and beautifully sunny which allowed the children to maximise their time cycling on the road. Thank you for ensuring that your child came to school wearing lots of layers so that they could enjoy their sessions much more too. The children were able to thaw out in between sessions and even enjoyed a warm hot chocolate on Friday thanks to our PTA team.


At the beginning of the week, the children learned about some of the essential checks necessary to ensuring their bike was safe before setting off on their journey, including the ABCD check – air, breaks, chain and drop out. Following on from this, the children learned how to confidently signal, how to perform a U-turn in the road and how to safely exit a junction using the 'Primary Position Prevents People Passing’ strategy amongst other road safety skills. The children were incredibly polite and sensible throughout the week and were able to follow clear instructions before practising the manoeuvres themselves. The children will bring home their road cycling proficiency certificate this evening and will be able to explain all of the different elements that they learned this week. The certificates are individualised for each child and show how confident and independent they are when cycling safely on the road in each of the different areas. Please do make sure you take a look at this certificate before allowing your child to ride independently on the road without an adult.


We have seen a fantastic level of resilience and determination from all of our riders this week and we are so proud of the accomplishments and progression that they have made from their individual starting points. It has been lovely to see so many children feeling more confident when cycling on the road – even in some busy areas.  


Take a look at our pictures to see how much fun we had during our Bikeability sessions.