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Year 6 - Hampton Court Trip

The Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Hampton Court Palace today and will hopefully be coming home with lots of new facts that they learnt throughout the day. The children were shocked by the sheer size and grandeur of the palace but equally loved exploring the meaning behind some of the more intricate details too.


The children were incredibly well behaved throughout the trip and enjoyed retracing Henry VIII’s steps through the never-ending corridors. Particular highlights included Henry VIII’s kitchens and peeking down into the Royal Chapel, where the heart of one of Henry’s wives heart is said to be buried. I wonder if the children can remember which one it was and can tell you more? The children were also infatuated with learning about previous ghost sightings and tales of two of Henry’s wives.


Alongside exploring the palace, itself, the children took part in an intriguing workshop called ‘Investigating Henry’. This session, which was led by the staff at Hampton Court, encouraged the children to think critically and evaluate a variety of primary and secondary sources to help them understand more about the type of man Henry was. Using replica artefacts and excerpts from contemporary Tudor sources, the children were curious to weigh up the evidence and construct a balanced opinion of Henry VIII by asking key enquiry questions. It was fascinating to find out that there was more to Henry VIII than the popular stereotypes!


We are sure that the children will be eager to share the facts they have learnt and describe the array of artefacts witnessed throughout the trip as the children demonstrated such excitement and a genuine love of learning, immersing themselves in Tudor life within the walls of Hampton Court Palace. Take a look at some of the photos from today to find out more…