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Year Four Theatre Crime Day

Year Four came into school today faced with a reconstruction of a theatre crime! A local theatre had thousands of pounds worth of jewellery stolen from a safe and four key suspects have been revealed - it is up to Ash and Pine class to solve the mystery. They have explored evidence that was found at the scene including old camera film, a pair of glasses, train tickets into London, a dinner reservation booking and more. They have also examined key documents linked to the suspects including emails, audio recordings, movie bookings and financial communications. The children also had a chance to create evidence sketches of the stolen jewellery and of course, all of the children's finger prints were taken - just to be sure! During the course of the day, the children used their inference skills to get to know the profiles of the suspects and even got into character in the 'hot seat' in order to ask some probing questions. 


The children will be writing their own suspense stories telling the tale of their chosen culprit, their motive and their cunning plan. Each story will be different and we are very excited to see them develop over the next few weeks. Have a look at the pictures to see the detectives at work.